If you have been following me on FB or connected with me at DEF CON you may know this but for most of you this is likely to be a surprise.

I am returning to my core passion of working with energy and playing in the Quantum Field. Yes, seems very different than producing or planning conferences but as I go forward I will share some stories with you about moving energy in some surprising places.

So keeping the names Stone Circle as it relates to my work at Stone Henge and here is a description of my initial project.

QUANTUM Roundtable a Futurist Mastermind Are you frustrated that you’re not getting what you want in life? Does it seem that other people are in control of things that you’re not? The obstacle is that you are trying to solve your problems on the wrong level.

It’s time to get your life into alignment and discover what you have been missing. Are you ready to take control and discover how to co-create your life with the Laws of the Universe? If so, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join me at the Quantum Roundtable for a 3-month Futurist Mastermind and discover why you seem to be out of sync with the flow of life.

We live in an unlimited Universe: it is up to you to expand your life to be what you want it to be. Sign up for the Quantum Roundtable today and start creating a life you will love.

This will be an online gathering meeting 1 time each week for an hour and it will run for 15 weeks. Each person will also be able to do 2 30 minute private session with me during the 15 weeks.

I will be adding more information in the next few days as well as more actual content to this site. For now enjoy your journey.